Blending: Accessing the Power of CranioSacral Therapy

3 Day Workshop

Prerequisite: CST 1 or Equivalent

21 CE's for Massage Therapists


This class is for beginners and advanced students of CranioSacral Therapy. Blending is one of the defining characteristics of CST, a life time evolving skill. It is the unique ability to use focused, intentioned touch as the interface between you and the patient/client.


For advanced students it will be an expansion and challenge to blending skills, helping to develop listening and imagery perceptions so vital for this work. For beginners it will help to create the solid understanding and foundation of blending which is the most important tool for a CranioSacral Therapist.


The class focus is to deepen one's ability to blend, to know which tissues one is accessing in the body and cranium. The intentioned touch of blending often engages the perception of images as they come through the hands to conscious awareness. Learning how to receive, trust and work with imagery is a vital component of successful blending and treatment. This class works with both awakening and enhancing the use of imagery in the blending process, developing a dynamic interaction between intentioned touch and imagery to optimize treatment results.


As part of building such blending skills, participants will enhance their ability to interpret and use feedback from the CranioSacral System, including SQAR (symmetry, amplitude, quality and rate) while also learning new ways to work with the meningeal system the spinal cord and facilitation.

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Dr. Lisa Upledger, D.C., CST-D*, FIAMA

Upledger Center for Integrative Therapy

900 E. Indiantown Road, Suite 310

Jupiter, FL  33477


Ph: 561-267-4156

Hours: Monday - Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm


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*The specialty recognition "CST-D" has been received from a private organization

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