SER: Deepening the Somato Emotional Release Process

3 Day Small Group Workshop

Prerequisite: SER 1 or Equivalent

21 NCBTMB CE's for Massage Therapists


Somato Emotional Release (SER) is a process that allows our innate healing wisdom to be heard. This natural process was observed by Dr. John Upledger who didn't dismiss it but listened to it and then developed it.


Patients are often unaware of contracture in tissue caused by past traumas and emotional disturbances. Our intelligence or inherent wisdom has retained them in such a way as to be the least disturbing or distracting to us on a daily basis. SER is the process that lets us release emotional contracted areas of tissue in the body and also within the somatic psyche or intelligence.


Working through the body and using the craniosacral rhythm these stored emotions can eventually be uncovered as a self-actualization process to move us forward. These retained energies can be superficial or more profound ones caused by physical and or emotional traumas along with the need to protect and guard ourselves from life's struggles.


For many individuals, emotional releases seem to occur spontaneously in the course of a session of CranioSacral Therapy. Such releases are emotionally healing, and are frequently accompanied by physiological and therapeutic improvements as well. At the same time, given the generally unconscious nature of buried emotional, mental and physical pain, supporting a patient/client in the release process requires skill, detachment, practice, and trusting in the extraordinary journey involved.

This workshop provides a unique opportunity to explore, practice and expand one's SER skills. Each day, each person in the class will have the opportunity to act as lead therapist, assistant therapist, and as patient/client. During each session, Dr. Upledger will offer guidance and hands on assistance. There will also be plenty of time for discussion and answering questions.

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Dr. Lisa Upledger, D.C., CST-D*, FIAMA 

Ph: 561-267-4156


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