Testimonials from Students in Dr. Lisa's Classes

Dr. Lisa shows us how to listen, to follow, and to move in deeply yet softly to release what cannot release on its own.

"A significant part of being a good CranioSacral Therapist turns on skills of assessment, then we treat what we find. In the...classes I have just taken with Dr. Lisa Upledger here are the high points of what I learned from/with her in the 1-day "CST Assessment and Applications class" and also the 3-day class "SER - Deepening the Somato Emotional Release Process" skills. There was so much of value that I must note it down before my mind forgets it -- though it will be ever in my hands -- and that's where it really counts. My hands learned so much about feeling, matching, blending, and releasing tissues and energy cysts. First and foremost, look at who Dr. Lisa Upledger IS, her years of work with and marriage to the founder of CranioSacral Therapy, Dr. John Upledger, whom she lovingly refers to as "Papa John." She accumulated tens of thousands of hours working with him in the Upledger clinic, as well as offering clinical applications classes through The Upledger Institute and treating alongside premier clinicians and teachers. Dr. Lisa brings to her classes not only superb understanding of the body on many levels -- energetic, structural, biochemical -- but also embraces the fundamental principle of the power of MOVEMENT. In Dr. Lisa's classes, we don't put our hands on and remain static. Tension patterns and sutural restrictions want to MOVE in order to unlock themselves, and she shows us how to listen, to follow, and to move in deeply yet softly to release what cannot release on its own. She clarifies that in order to heal, we and clients' bodies must also feel. Lisa blends the energetic and the structural/physical at a depth I have rarely encountered before. She not only does it herself but immerses her students in our own ability to meet and match, to blend with and listen to and address the "issues in the tissues" thoroughly, efficiently, and with a mix of appropriate gentleness and resoluteness. Lisa Upledger is a great TEACHER, beyond being an extraordinary therapist herself. Her students come away from her classes with new appreciation of the power and depth of CST. Lisa honors students' individuality, gifts, and challenges, showing us how to move beyond self-limiting perceptions -- and her classes are small enough to address individual needs. It is my glad intention to continue classes with The Upledger Institute and also with Dr. Lisa Upledger, as both add to my skill, knowledge and betterment as a CranioSacral Therapist. I am a more empowered CranioSacral Therapist, a cleaner instrument of peace, and a truer human being through my work with Dr. Lisa Upledger. It is my honor to learn from and with her and to be among those who carry forward the work of the two Doctors Upledger into the world."


Teaching Had Profound Impact

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study under Lisa Upledger in my own process of training as a craniosacral therapist. I can say unequivocally that her teaching and demonstrations had a profound impact on the depth of my own professional practice. In her roles both as a therapist and as a teacher, Dr. Lisa is an exceptional model."

I.B., New York

Instructor of the Highest Caliber

"It was a wonderful experience being guided therapeutically by Dr. Lisa Upledger as she is an instructor of the highest caliber.

Dr. Lisa is able to take complicated concepts and present them in a clear, easily understandable manner. Her hands on, gentle approach creates an environment conducive to learning, questioning and mastery of some very subtle technical skills. Thank you Lisa for sharing your wealth of knowledge!"  

M.B., Ontario

Teaching Style Direct and Relaxed

"Dr. Lisa Upledger is the best CranioSacral teacher I've ever had. I've always loved her classes and found her teaching style direct yet relaxed. At the end of each class, I feel that I have a deeper understanding of the material and have had a unique experience. I highly recommend one of Dr. Lisa's workshops to anyone interested in this field."

P.N., Missouri

Worked with Dr. John Upledger

"CST is an awesome modality and Dr. Lisa Upledger is one of the world's greatest instructors. Having been married to and working with Dr. John Upledger, the founder of CST, she knows the work and is brilliant in her own right. I took a class with her in Hawaii and she taught us the deeper subtleties of this amazing modality. When you take a class from her she will teach you how to hold a big space and what to do in challenging situations when your client gets stuck. By the end of her class you will have healed a bunch of your own issues and learned an incredible amount of techniques that will help you in your practice back home. If she is teaching a class in your area – GO – you will be so grateful that you did!"

S.K., Hawaii

What Would Dr. Lisa Do??

"I started my CranioSacral journey in 2000 and can honestly say that Dr. Lisa Upledger is the best instructor I've ever had.  Her knowledge is mind boggling yet she excels at explaining the complexities of the CS system in a fun and exciting way that I can understand and put into practice. She encourages me to listen and trust and when I get perplexed with a client's issue I often ask myself, 'What would Dr. Lisa do?' As a CranioSacral therapist she has guided me in my own healing. With her immense knowledge and skill she has facilitated my personal healing further than what I thought possible. As an instructor Dr. Lisa is beyond compare and I will continue to learn from her."

J.S., Missouri

Dr. Lisa Upledger, D.C., CST-D*, FIAMA 

Ph: 561-267-4156


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*The specialty recognition "CST-D" has been received from a private organization

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